Nominate for Meets

At the beginning of each season, the coaching staff compile a list of all targeted meets for the season, i.e. meets specified for attendance by each squad and which will include a coach attending the meet. This schedule of meets, and any updates that may occur during the season, is available from the current season’s Meet Calendar page of the website. In addition, there is a one page meet summary schedule for handy reference available for download from the current season Meet Calendar page as welle.

Other available meets, in the Wide Bay region as well as Brisbane and Gold Coast regions, are available for review/nomination at the following links (prior to attending, ensure to discuss the meet with your swimmer’s coach and then contact the Kawana Waters race secretary prior to nomination for the closing date of the meet):

Swimming QLD provides a State events calendar which is regularly updated throughout the season listing all meets in the state.

Nomination Steps

  1. Once a meet has been identified to compete at, obtain the meet flyer or program of events for the meet. This can be obtained from the current season’s Meet Calendar on the club’s website or from the hosting club’s website if not a targeted meet for our club.
  2. All meets now use the Online Meet Entry (OME) nomination system (Swim Central). This is an Internet-based meet entry service provided by Swimming Australia for club’s to advertise and facilitate the direct entry nomination to their meet.  The OME system also provides online payment of nomination fees via credit card. Club’s utilising the OME system will have the necessary link listed in their meet flyer and the link will be listed in the club’s Meet Calendar.
  3. Once nominations have closed, the Clubs will now directly send the Entry List via Email detailing each swimmer and which events they are nominated. This list needs to be checked for any errors and if any errors are found please notify the Race Secretary or contact the Club direct (as they will provide an email address on the Entry List) who are holding the Meet. Prior to nominating for any meets,  please make sure that you discuss your nominations with your Coach.
  4. A couple of days prior to the meet, the host club will let us know if we are required to provide timekeepers for their meet. If this is the case, the Race Secretary will compile a timekeeping roster for the meet. It is an expectation not only by our club but all swimming clubs that parents/carers will be available for timekeeping. As such if a swimmer is nominated for a meet, the parent/carer is expected to time keep at some stage during that meet.