Kawana Waters Swim Club bases its training from the Kawana Aquatics Centre which is managed by Rackley Swimming, a family owned swim school with over 20 schools across Queensland. The centre boasts a ten lane, 50 meter pool as well as an six lane, 25 meter pool (in addition to its facilities for water polo and learn to swim programs) which are utilised for the training of each of the club’s squads. Both pools are heated and covered during the winter months to provide year round training.

For any queries regarding coaching or squad training, including an assessment of your swimmer to determine their placement in the appropriate squad, please contact the swim squad coordinator at centre on 07 5493 7788.

If parents wish to speak with a swim coach, they should not do so during the training session. Please make an appointment at a mutually agreeable time. Any queries regarding coaching should be directed to the Director of Swimming and Elite/Gold Squad Coach, Nick Pedrazzini

Training Methodology

Kawana Waters Swim Club and its coaching staff are supporters of Swimming QLD’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model for competition and training. The training model is a Swimming Queensland initiative, based on the philosophy and experience of the late Paulus Wildeboer, Swimming Queensland Mentor Coach and former Dutch National Coach.

The aim of the training model is to ensure that young athletes are introduced to certain types of training at the appropriate time. This is referred to as “critical periods of train-ability” and requires careful consideration and planning by our coaches.

In order for long term success to take place it is essential that swimmers are nurtured accordingly and that desirable progressions are not rushed or overlooked. It is detrimental to a young swimmer’s development if they are moved into the next group before they are ready. The younger groups need to develop their motor skills by improving their co-ordination and buoyancy.

The Long Term Competition and Training Model also highlights what competition events should be trained for at each squad level and what energy systems should be targeted. The aerobic system is developed through the Junior and Intermediate squads, while the National squad is introduced to more anaerobic forms of training whilst still developing and maintaining their aerobic capacities.