Gold & Elite

The Gold & Elite squads are a seasonally designed program aimed at performance at Age National and Open / International competitive levels. The sessions are specifically designed to each swimmer’s stroke and distance. The dry-land and pool sessions are personalised to the needs of the athlete for maximum achievement in their chosen events. These squads will give swimmers an opportunity to compete in sprint, middle distance and distance events.

Bronze & Silver

The Bronze and Silver squads are designed for swimmers who wish to compete at a high standard at State level competitions with the goal of qualifying for Age National level competition. The squads are based on all four strokes and has a specific focus on the Individual Medley. The program will develop both aerobic and anaerobic systems, which is important for growing athletes. The Bronze and Silver squads will have a large technique and kick focus. Swimmers will continue training in all four strokes and will be required to meet the training standards as it is important for all swimmers to develop strong foundations in each of the strokes. Each stroke will be developed through specific kick, drill, speed and endurance sets.


Junior Squad is a performance based squad where swimmers will be coached through difficult aerobic, skill, and drill sets. The Junior Squad aims to increase the swimmer’s knowledge and understanding of all four strokes, including the Individual Medley. Swimmers will also be specifically trained through general endurance and specific drill progressions. The squad is designed to put the swimmers technique and skill under stress to build on its foundations and strengthen their technique for racing conditions. The swimmer’s race skills are developed as they expand their competition events. Swimmers at this level will learn to train anaerobically which is designed for racing.

Junior Target & Target

Junior Target and Target Squads are about strengthening a swimmer’s fitness, technique and confidence in the water. Swimmers will build upon their previously learned squad skills to develop more technique-specific training for each of the four strokes. It is through the carefully planned sessions that will allow for the growth of confidence resulting in competitive swimmers. At this stage of training a higher level of commitment is required, encouraging a minimum of three sessions per week and the participation at club nights and other swim meets.


Development Squad is the stepping-stone for kids who are ready to move on from Learn To Swim into competitive squads. The 45-minute lessons are taken in the outdoor heated 25m pool. This squad enables swimmers to confidently swim in all four strokes whilst both refining their technique and building a skill base. They will also be introduced to correct turns, dives and how to use the pace clock preparing them for more in-depth squad training.